Maybe it was Socrates…

“There are no good writers, only good re-writers.”  -Someone who knows how f#@$ing difficult it is to write something you can be proud of.


The paid writing continues, kind of.  It will take some time to find my groove and figure out just how much damage I can do to my cognitive abilities without ruining myself for the day after.  I’m sure part of it is just getting into shape too.  My productivity has grown flabby as evidenced by only one broken key on my keyboard.

Also of interest (mostly just to me) the clam chowder is still delicious and possibly even more chowdery.  It probably only has a day or two left though so all of you who want some had better get your buns over here.

I have never been very knowledgeable about the popular sports.  I can name the world records in any number of track and field events and identify a somewhat embarrassing number of gymnastics maneuvers but hell if I know which side of the NFC/AFC line teams come down on or who is favored for March Madness or even what there is to be so angry about.  Sure, it’s a slightly longer than normal month, but it’s Spring.  Smile.

A side effect of this internet content writing is that I’m learning about sports at a highly accelerated rate and I’m doing it in a way that is pretty much exactly counter to my natural learning style.  My task is often to find specific facts to write about and it’s easy to pad them and make them seem interesting in a vague way, but less easy to put them in any kind of context or give them relevant connections until I’ve spent some time acquiring background information that some people take for granted.

Sure, hardly anyone reads these things—including the customer—but come on!   If I have to complete stow my writerly instincts I might as well be doing a job that doesn’t have anything to do with writing and spare my years of the practice the damage.  So I’m learning some new things and having to ignore some things I learned long ago.  It’s tricky, I’ll tell you what.

As promised, a return to the Comic of the Day tradition.  Unfortunately by not doing it a day sooner I missed out on a doozy so it’s up to you to go through the links and find which one you think I’m talking about.  Today it’s Bug and it’s in the middle of a delightful weekly series as he sometimes does.  Be sure to go back and forward to get the full experience.

I have a meeting to attend in the morning so I am off to sleep now.  Sweet dreams, comrades.


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